Tuesday, July 2, 2013

DIY American flag shorts

Materials needed:
- A pair of light wash shorts
- Red and Blue tie dye
- Bleach
- Tape
- Empty spray bottle

1. Pour bleach into the empty spray bottle and spray the bleach all over the front side of your shorts. You can spray every 20 minutes until the shorts are almost completely white and wait til they're dry before continuing the next step.
2. Take your tape and cut out strips for the stripes on the flag. Choose one side of the shorts to place the strips, you can have as many strips as you like.
3. On the other side of your shorts will be the stars. Take your tape and draw stars on them and then cut them out. Place them on the shorts anywhere you like.TAPE OFF THE REST OF THE SHORTS SO DYE DOESN'T BLEED. (mistake I made)
4. Since you won't be needing the bleach anymore, dump the rest of it back into its original container. Take the red dye and pour it into the spray bottle. Obviously stripes are red so start spraying the stripe side of the shorts with the red dye. DO NOT spray a lot or the dye will bleed through, spray every 5 minutes or so.
5. Dump the red dye and pour the blue dye into the spray bottle, repeat the same step (number 4).
6. When completely dry, take the tape off and hand wash your shorts.

There you have it! Your own DIY American flag shorts, you're official ready for the 4th of July! Please feel free to ask any questions and I hope you enjoy!