Sunday, May 26, 2013

Oh Daisy!

Work out and eat right.

REVIEW: L'OREAL wild ombre kit

Since summer is just a few weeks away, I wanted to spice up my old hair and dye it a lighter shade than what I had before. I hate dying my whole head because when roots come in... that's a no no to me. So I decided to dip dye my hair, my original plan was to dip dye it lilac, but I wanted a more calmer look. My manager actually told me about this kit and I'm pretty satisfied with it. I was scared, at first, about messing up but then I realized it didn't have to be perfect! The messier it is, the better! This ombre kit was simple as 123, it was basically self explanatory. The comb that came with the kit made things a lot more easier (I forgot to take a picture of it). I love my hair and over all I give this review a 10/10!